Post Graduate Integrated Lecture Series on 8th & 9th July 2011 at Sri Balaji Medical College & Hospital

National Journal of Physiology (click here for complete pdf)
Original research articles
1. Noise induced hearing loss and hypertension in industrial workers a cross sectional study     K. Deepalakshmi, Priscilla Johnson,, R.Padmavathi, G. Thangavel, P.Jayachandran,
    R. Ayyappan, Kalpana Balakrishnan, A.S.Subhashini
2. Correlation between critical flicker fusion frequency (CFF) and systolic blood pressure
    R. Niruba , Babitha.R, K.N.Maruthy
3. Influence of gender differences on learning styles - a cross sectional study V. Kannan,
    K. Deepalakshmi
4. Comparison of bleeding time and clotting time in different ABO blood groups Thenmozhi.S,
    Neelambikai.N, Aruna.P
5. Preliminary assessment of perfusion index, a physiological measure of heat strain among     workers a cross sectional study Krishnan.S, Archana P Kumar, Madhan Chandran, Jeremiah,     Padmavathi.R, Vidhya Venugopal
6. Diurnal variations of PEFR in asthmatics and healthy individuals A pilot study
    Sheela Ravinder.S, Priscilla Johnson, Santu Ghosh, Bhuvaneshwari, Durairaj.N,
    Moumita Chakraborty, Kalpana Balakrishnan, Padmavathi.R, B.Rajagopalan
Review articles
7. Intra cellular transport strategies - A review of the molecular motor tool box Prathibha K.M.
Short communications
8. GLP Revisited: Role of analogs in the treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus      Prathibha K.M. Manu Kurian Baby
9. A tribute to Dr.Sathish by Dr.Thirupathi Chinnaswamy
10. Events of Association of Physiologists of Tamilnadu
11. List of upcoming conferences in 2013
    Dr. M. Rathnavel Kumaran,
    Senior Assistant Professor
    Department of Physiology
    Chengalpattu Medical College.
    Chengalpattu 603 001.